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1 kg teaselroot per 1,3 liter rye-malt schnaps (35%)

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100 ml ...... 26,90 €

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200 ml ..... 49,50 €
500 ml ..... 99,00 €

about the plant

INFO Teaselroot & Lyme
cleaned root of Fullers teasel Fullers teasel (Dipsacus fullonum, syn. D. sylvestris): The fresh root of the biannual plant is harvested at the end of the first year - in late autumn, winter or early spring. During the second year the plant grows above the earth, while the root becomes increasingly fibrous and loses its medicinal properties.

Within 24 hours the harvested root is being cleaned, carefully cut into pieces and put into a sealable glass container, where it is immersed in alcohol. After having matured in a warm place for three weeks, the extract is ready for use.

The root of Fullers teasel is an old European remedy against tick-born relapsing fever, today called Borreliosis, Lyme-disease, Deer-syphilis or neuro-Borreliosis. Please note, that the symptoms of all forms of Borreliosis are caused by the metabolic waste products of the Borrelia, not by the bacteria itself. When Borrelia has successfully been killed, it's toxic waste products remain and continue to cause the symptoms until they themselves are removed from the affected tissue (nerves, articular mucosa). The special capacity of Fuller's teasel is to remove these toxins rather than to kill the Borrelia (though it does that too).

When treating chronic forms of Borreliosis (where the bacteria is in hiding), the person may slip back into the acute stage (where the bacteria becomes active in boosts). If that happens, I recommend to immediately stop taking teasel (but continue with the detox-aids) and start killing the re-emerging Borrelia. Stop it and take up the teasel again as soon as the Borrelia-boost has been successfully terminated. This may have to be done repeatedly off and on. For killing Borrelia I recommend the Oil-composite, because it is oil-based and therefore reaches well the affected lipophilic tissue (nerves, articular mucosa).

Both Teaselroot and Oil-composite often cause Herxheimer reactions (detox-symptoms). The body than needs help. In most cases the detox-aids contained in the Tickbite Kit should suffice.

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: History, Analysis, and Treatments by Wolf D. Storl, Matthew Wood und Andreas Thum A good source of information is Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: History, Analysis, and Treatments by Wolf D. Storl, Matthew Wood und Andreas Thum.

The Teaselroot extract is being produced in Germany. The teasel roots have been cultured and harvested according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophic Society.

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30 ml ...... 18,50 €

50 ml ...... 29,00 €

100 ml ..... 55,00 €

Whatever the average antibiotic can do, the Oil-composite can do as well. Due to it being oil-based the Oil-composite also reaches fat-containing tissue: nerve-cells (including brain & spinal cord), articular mucosa and the "safety belt". The "working" ingredient is active oxygen as ozonide (1,2,4 Trioxolan). Oil-composite is not exclusively for Borrelia, but for broad-spectrum use of any infectious issue (microorganisms) and/or larger parasites (worms).

Please note: A healthy intestinal flora (symbiotic microorganisms) works rather anaerobic (without oxygen) in the small intestines and rather aerobic (with oxygen) in the large intestines. An imbalance of the intestinal flora often favourably reacts to an oxidative stimulus with oil-composites, especially when combined with a scheme for guided symbiosis, for example with Effective Microorganism.
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Teaselroot does mobilise quite a number of toxins, which then have to be eliminated - additionally to the daily chores - by the detox-organs of our body, especially the liver. That may sometimes be beyond the body's capacity, in which case it causes detox-symptoms (Herxheimer reactions) and initial aggravations. They can be effectively alleviated by using detox-aids, for example Jiaogulan tea, Liver-magic, Zeolite and symbiotic balancing (Effective Microorganisms).


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livermagic herbs


Liver Magic

125ml (size S) .....10,- €

625ml (size M)......40,- €

1250ml (size L)......75,- €

see details

Liver Magic-forte

125ml (size S) .....15,- €

625ml (size L)......60,- €

1250ml (size L)......110,- €

see details
The liver has no pain receptors. Exhaustion / tiredness and other "hang-over"-like symptoms are the pain of the liver. They may result from food-poisoning, too much and/or too heavy eating, jumping time-zones, etc. Wanted or unwanted mobilisation of stored toxins - because it does not know how to eliminate them or it's capacity to do so has been exceeded - also produces these symptoms (so-called Herxheimer reactions).

The liver has the greatest regenerative capacity of all our body tissues. But in order regenerate itself the liver needs Stimulation from bitter taste. Our food no longer provides it, since during the past 150 years bitter taste has been systematically eliminated from all western food items. An effective way to supply these missing bitters is Liver Magic, a modern version of an ancient Ayurvedic herbal remedy. The vehicle for the four basic herbal ingredients (Azadirachta indica, Andrographis paniculata, Terminalia chebula and Asparagus racemosus in a relation of 1:1:1:1) is molasses. Liver Magic and Liver Magic-forte contain nothing else.

In Liver Magic-forte is made with 60% more of the same four basic herbs.

300 g

600 g



300 g ......... 8,00 €

600 g ....... 15,00 €

from wikipedia: Natural zeolites form where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater. (..) zeolites are the aluminosilicate members of the family of microporous solids known as "molecular sieves". The term molecular sieve refers to a particular property of these materials, that is the ability to selectively sort molecules based primarily on a size exclusion process. This is due to a very regular pore structure of molecular dimensions. (..) zeolites are used in the treatment of Lyme disease, as a detoxifier.

Finely ground these vulcanic minerals (89 bis 95 % Klinoptilolite), because of their honeycomb-like crystalline structure, act as ion-exchanger. Their crystalline grid of 0,4 nanometer is exactly the right size to attract heavy metals and ammonium compounds. Since this happens already in the intestines, the entero-hepatic circulation of those toxins gets interrupted. Liver & kidneys are relieved and the immune-system can redirect saved energy to other tasks. Though only approved as building material and for agricultural use, zeolite leaves you without know side-effect, even if taken in large quantities, since any excess gets simply eliminated.

Within the scheme of guided symbiosis the very same crystalline structure of zeolite provides an "operational base" for the Effective Microorganism. They get less quickly expelled from the intestines because they can take shelter in it like a hermit crab.

Alternatives: In Germany one can buy "Heilerde" (by a company named "Luvos") at any drugstore, pharmacy or healthfood store. "Heilerde" translates loosely into "wholesome soil". There should be similar products in your country.

Jiaogulan Tee


100 g ........ 9,90 €
Jiaogulan, also called Miracle Grass or five-leaf ginseng, provides power and energy without the use of caffeine. In the mountainous regions of Southern China an infusion of the sweet-bitter leaves is used since centuries for daily rejuvenation and revitalisation. The local name "xiancao" means "herb of immortality" and people say: "It works like Ginseng, but it is better than Ginseng."

While detoxifying nerves that have been affected by Borrelia toxins, people may get tense and over-sensitive with difficult sleep. Jiaogulan-tea throughout the day soothes the overtaxed nerves and help to get a refreshing sleep.

Alternatives: Most likely Jiaogulan will be sold in your country, too.

€ 6,00

€ 15,70

€ 26,20

Effektive Mikroorganismen Urloesung

Effective Microorganisms

100 ml .......... 6,00 €

500 ml ........ 15,70 €

1 liter ......... 26,20 €

In 1983 Teruo Higa succeeded to generate a stable solution of about 80 different microorganisms, which he called Effective Microorganisms, abbreviated EM.

Against all scientific opinion aerobe and anaerobe microorganisms live together in this mixture, originally marketed as EM-1. Though in many counties only certified for use in agriculture and animal husbandry, the Effective Microorganisms still provide the best symbiotic balancing I know.

Alternatives: Meanwhile Effective Microorganisms can be bought in many countries and they are becoming more available every day. Other product for guided symbiosis may also be available from your pharmacy. Traditionally Yoghurt and sauerkraut (acidophilus culteres) have been used to reanimate the intestines after use of antibiotics. Make sure the acidophilus bacteria are still living. They won't if you buy them at the supermarket.
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Tickbite Kits

Though upon taking Teaselroot detox-symptoms (Herxheimer reactions) and initial aggravations can be extremely individual, time has shown some very common patterns. Almost everyone gets relief from LiverMagic and Zeolite. In case of prolonged use of antibiotics Effective Microorganisms very useful. Should you be of nervous nature, you may have trouble going to sleep and get help from Jiaogulan. For the ones who don't want to be bothered finding out, everything comes together in a kit, either with the Oil-composite (in case killing borrelia is still an issue) or without.


€ 60,-

€ 78,-
Tickbite Kit - 30 days
how to use

30 days Tickbite-Kit (trial)

  • 100 ml Teaselroot
  • 125 ml LiverMagic
  • 300 g Zeolite
  • 100 ml Effective Microorganisms
  • 100 g Jiaogulan

    60,- €
  • plus 30 ml Oil-composite
    78,00 €
  • Starting with 3x3 drops daily and increasing one drop every day up to 3x30 drops, 100 ml teaselroot last about 30 days.

    Jiaogulan, Liver-magic und Zeolite and Effective Microorganisms are also designed for at minimum period of 30 days.

    Teaselroot & Lyme

    € 109,-

    € 127,-
    Tickbite Kit - 60 days
    how to use

    60 days Tickbite-Kit (follow-up)

  • 200 ml Teaselroot
  • 2x 125 ml LiverMagic
  • 600 g Zeolite
  • 2x 100 ml Effective Microorganisms
  • 2x 100 g Jiaogulan

    106,- €
  • plus 30 ml Oil-composite
    124,- €
  • Starting with 3x3 drops daily and increasing one drop every day up to 3x30 drops, 100 ml teaselroot last about 60 days.

    Jiaogulan, Liver-magic und Zeolite and Effective Microorganisms are also designed for at minimum period of 60 days.

    Teaselroot & Lyme

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